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RE: Clarc yagis

AB2KT and I have built 144,222,432, and 1296.  We had the
benefit of RF-5 on 144,222, and 432 and yes it took a little
tweaking but this mostly consisted of tweaking the spacing,
or shape of the U on the horizontal J-pole.  On 1296, we
just used the bird and fiddled until we got everything working.

I would not dream of taking $100-$200 yagi's for these
bands out Roving, so we built this.  I think they would
stand up in a hurricane!  Our very first effort, was the
432.  We worked 24 multipliers from 3 grids using it.
We were heard every time we could hear and we were running

To put it simply, these antennas work, they are not hard
to fiddle with and if they blow down, fall apart, whatever,
go get your broom out of your closet and start over!

I am a big believer in stacking on 2m and up for rover's
since, if you can get the antennas up high enough, this
will eliminate a large part of the waste illuminating the
sky and not the horizon.  These antennas are ideal for
this purpose.

Kent has done a lot of things for the VHF+ community but
for my money, this work nearly tops the list.


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