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UO-11 decoding hardware/software

Jeff WB2JFS enquired about what readers used for UO-11.

I normally use a G3RUH hardware decoder, with my own software. All the
software is freeware, and may be downloaded from my website

The RUH hardware decoder is the first decoder that James produced, and
shouldn't be confused with the units used for AO10/13, FO20, and the
9600 baud microsats.  It was specially designed for UO-9 and UO-11. 

There are many possible types of hardware decoders which can easily be
constructed, which can give results comparable with the RUH unit. A PLL
circuit is probably the easiest to construct, but I've also used very
old telephone modems, modem chips, BAYCOM & and HAMCOM interfaces, and
have even programmed a PIC chip to do the job.  Have a look at the file
U2HW.ZIP on the above website.

Windows users can have an easier ride, by using the sound card program
MIXW, which doesn't require any additional hardware. Again there is an
information package MIXW.ZIP on the above website.

Hope this helps.


	 Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.
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