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Re: Keps problem


I note your comment that:

> It seems there is not a right carriage return.

I read email using Linux and hence when I save the keplers, it is in
a unix-style file (lines terminated with the Newline character hex 0a.

In order to use the saved keplers for InstatTrack, I transfer the file
to a DOS partition using the "todos" utility which replaces Newline
characters with the CR/LF pair, having removed any email headers first.
Then reboot on the DOS partition to run InstantTrack.

Maybe the problem is something like this.

73 Martin.

Vincenzo Mone wrote:
> Hi to the list,
> i have subscrbed to receive the keplerians via e-mail
> but I receive them not in order.
> Here is how I receive them:
<keplers deleted
> It seems there is not a right carriage return.
> Any help or I need always to re edit it.
> Tnx in advance.
> 73 de Enzo IK8OZV
> EasyLog 5 BetaTester

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