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RE: lunar transponder temps


Very interresting to see the first tries of copying a project by USA :o)
I don't mind at all (when we get a new hamstation)...
You ever thing they will take this to the moon ?

When a relay station is already very difficult to keep it working on the 
moon, how the hell they ever want a human to live on the moon ??? So why do 
a manned moon mission again ?

Besides that, instead of the weight of the moon-station they will add more 
fuel to their lunar station to have more engine burn time available...
Its the same problem with geostationairy sats... instead of a ham module, 
they prefer more fuel to have a longer lifetime of their commercial 

Propably you have to find out another way to get to the moon :o)

But maybe you can build in a camera in your moon relay and convince the 
presedent you can spy other countries hahaha propably he will agree (but 
just forget to tell him about the poor picture resolution) hihi :o)

What about that "star wars" project ?
Maybe you can ask to put a modulator on that lasers, so you can de laser 
communication .o)

73 de PE1RAH,

William in Buenos Aires...

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