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Re: Re The Moon


I like to do some comment about some things that are not true:
In a previous reply I read the following:

*This is hardly the same mission that you and William had proposed. Your
*proposal was to use an Amsat-built, Amsat-funded lunar landing spacecraft.
*Bob's proposal is to send an ARISS-type payload along on a NASA manned 
*mission. The degree of difficulty is several orders of magnitude less than
*trying to get there by ourselves.

First of all, its not an AMSAT project but a privat project off me, like the 
transponder I build for VUSAT...  I never talked about AMSAT fundings, and I 
never asked for it...
The idea is completely mine, and as many hams are somehow not interrested, I 
decided to find other ways than via AMSAT... (also to avoid interference 
from people who endless complain about money, frequencies, who will come on 
the newpaper picture etc etc)

The ways are slowly made, and the design of a transponder that will survives 
moon enviorment for longer time are already made. About the problem to get 
from the earth to the moon surface that is now under development. I think in 
several months there will be also connections in that way to solve this 
problem. Then the only thing is to build, test, and make it...
It all takes lot of time, but with working you get more far than with 
talking only...

I will not talk about any technical details because it is not any of the 
AMSATs projects.
Why I do this ? Just because I like designing things that are difficult :o)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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