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RE: Re: Threats from VA3LK (Larry Kayser)

Larry conducted the first transatlantic QSO on 137 Khz
3 years ago.  He is currently attempting the 1st transatlantic
on 2 meters.

Larry is, as he has always been, passionate.  He is not an idiot
and he is most certainly not a threat to anyone.

Working with help from Larry Kayser, and a data sheet provided
me by Jan King, I wrote command software for AO-7.  Mike, N1JEZ,
tested the software and was able to do absolutely minimalist
command of AO-7.  I did my own tests.  I was able, with very
high power, to command AO-7 from ModeA to ModeB.  I could never
get a Mode B command in and I understand that this has always been
the case.  Since I was doing my experiments primarily on the quiet,
I never mentioned it.  I was NEVER able to turn the satellite
transponder OFF, in any mode.  Mike did his thing, found it impossible
and he too, quietly let it drop.  Now we will air out all our
smelly underwear I suppose.

AO-7 is basically not commandable.  If we had an army of command
stations, and a national budget, we might be able to do more. Larry
was very interested at the time.  He was most helpful and I take
full responsibility for not continuing to communicate with him
to convey the dreadful results of the experiments.  Let me tell
you it is a pain the arse to modulate a signal generator and then
amplify it to high power at an EME friends house.  This was never
going to be a long term thing.

For More on Kayser's exploits:


I understand from others that Larry has become enamored of GPS
and its use in timing in the aid of communications.  I suggest you
read the following, provided to me earlier today.  It contains
some of Kayser's writings in support of his efforts.  He is clearly
not an idiot.  But like all human beings, he is capable of acting
a bit foolish.  If you called the FBI on me everytime I acted
foolishly,  I would never get out of jail.  May I suggest that
in future, we discuss these kinds of problems with other AMSAT
types who might be more familiar with the situation before we
engage lawyers, FBI, etc.  It would at least cut down on the
wasted bandwidth on this BBS.



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