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RE: lunar transponder temps

>How would you propose to deal with the temperature deltas
>on the Moon?

Actually, by using just the simple solar design for passive solar
heating like we do here on Earth, the blanket that covers the
device and surrounding few feet of lunar soil would have
selective coatings so that it has better solar heat gain and
minimizes thermal radiative losses. 

Although unprotected surfaces can get to +250 F and - 350 F
the average subsurface temperature is in the middle at about
-50 deg F or C.  Using the passive solar heating techniques 
should be able to warm this thermal mass up to something
more palatable near 0 deg C.

In either case, this thermal mass should be able to mitigate
the 600 degree swings to something more like 60 deg swings
or less?

I updated the themal paragraphs on the  Moon Relay site:


de Wb4APR, Bob

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