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Re: 2M downlink

I've posted about this several times but nobody seems to have noticed.  Pressure on the spectrum is UP *not* DOWN.  I really would like to hear from hams in countries where illegal use of vhf & uhf had gear has been rampant about what the situation is like now.  My understanding is that illegal use of the ham bands has decreased as cell phone technology has proliferated.

Mode A on satellites in RS-15 orbits may very well be one of the most attractive options open to us in the future.  I still think a pair of three-high cubesats tied together by the 10M antenna with vhf antennas on the ends would be a very feasible platform.  Lots of surface area for solar cells, plenty of room for batteries and proven, modular hardware design that maximizes launch opportunities because it can go in the cubesat "launcher" we described at the Portland Symposium.

The possible "gotcha" is what BPL will do to HF.

Dave Reinhart

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