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Re: Threats from VA3LK (Larry Kayser)

Emily Clarke wrote:

> So for some reason he's decided to try to make this personal and 
> invade my privacy (as if I had any to invade in the first place.)

I respectfully disagree that he's invading your privacy.  He somehow 
gained your email address from your web site, this mailing list or a 
combination of those and/or a whois lookup.  The funny thing about the 
Internet and having your own web site is that you never know what kind 
of freaks and weirdos you'll attract.  This supports my theory.

> Has anyone had to deal with these kinds of threats from him before, 
> and if so, have you had any success other than in the courts?  I've 
> contacted my attorney and he thinks the guy is just some kind of nut 
> or something and told me to ignore him.
> Any advice from the membership?

He's entitled to his opinions and you're entitled to filter his email 
address into oblivion.  Strangely, he does have some valid points 
concerning amateur space vehicles that are uncontrollable.  But I do not 
know the technical merits of his argument, nor do I really care right 
now to research if any AMSAT vehicles are doing what he says.    It's 
obvious the following applies:

1.  He has a beef with AMSAT.
2.  He believes water was invented for him to walk upon.
3.  He believes you really _care_ what he thinks.

Usually in cases like this, I refuse to be the audience.  Delete future 
email from him with extreme prejudice and don't worry about it.


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