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Re: ISS just passed overhead - lots of packets heard. Nonedecoded.

Hi Jim,

There are now quite a few of us Jim. Without taking a peek at my captured 
data, I can think of 6 ZL callsigns who appear on the ISS.   3 VKs also 
appear on those passes visible to both ZL and eastern VK. There are plenty 
of ZL's reading this list, but many are cautious about posting.

The ISS is a great tool for demonstrating satellites to the skeptical. It's 
not AO-40, but once people have made successful contacts via the ISS digi, 
their interest in amateur satellites rachets up several notches.

Sil - ZL2CIA

-- snip --
>Sadly by the time I put the rs232 cable from the tnc into the laptop etc,
>and got everything fired up,the pass was about over, and the last 2 packets
>were getting into the noise, and did not decode. So in the end, I decoded
>none of them, but it was "all on" there for a moment.
>Now I'm siting here kicking myself for not being quicker getting it all
>My guess is maybe one of the contacts was Sil, ZL2CIA? Seems to be one of
>the few Zls on the AMSAT list.
--- snip ---

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