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Moon Relay

Oscar on the moon.
This is one of my favorite threads because it is so out there its like
trying to figure out what women want.

Bob's basic system looks good, I would add that the electronics be
suspended within the box by filiments
using the vaccum as an insulator, that way the only paths of heat
conduction would be the coax and the
power cables.  Also keeping the power down to a few watts, Yes i know it
would not be as easy to hear but
digital modes can add several DB to the link. I doubt if they would let
us put a system that large on the
moon, But they might let us put a package onboard whatever the Landing
craft they decide to use and usually
they leave a large chunkof it on the moon. If we were to go with maybe
we could get them to change the feed
or even use their feeds (they use S band a lot) and just switch the coax
to our box located in whats left of the
Lunar lander on thesurface of the moon.
I would suspect the biggest obstacle to overcome is the temperature
gradients,  So we would want the smallest
most insulated box we could muster.  having lots of power would be nice
for the downlink and would probably
not be a problem, a 20w panel is not that large or heavy,  the uplink
might have to be something smaller like a
patch or something,  requiring a lot more power from the ground, but
larger antennas and amps are easy on this
end. EME has generally been a problem of receiving the signal more then
generating it.

How about some more ideas moonnuts, I mean moonnauts.

Keith N6ORS
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