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Re: Threats from VA3LK (Larry Kayser)

> I have to ask if there is any truth to what he is accusing OSCAR VII and
> X of. He at least seems to have his facts/information together and I see
> no rebuttal to any of this beyond "Get your own site".
> I also notice that he is quoted but the replies are not. Which means
> that we really don't know what is going on here.....

> >I was just looking around and found your web site on the return of
> >AMSAT OSCAR VII.  This is a direct request of you to include the
following in
> >your web page.
> >
> >"Not everyone is happy to see the return of AMSAT OSCAR VII.  AMSAT OSCAR
> >VII now joins AMSAT OSCAR X as a very long time radio pollution generator
> >that could last for the next 100 years or so.  This pollution is
generated by the
> >uncontrolled and random operation of radio transmitters on three amateur
> >bands, on every orbit.
    blah blah...if this is what he wants to see let him make his own web
page with this information. and do what one person already suggested: ignore
the guy.

patrick...kb8rtz...amsat # what's this?

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