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Re: Threats from VA3LK (Larry Kayser)

>>Any advice from the membership?



Yes...why are you posting your personal correspondence with him on your 
website prior to him being able to respond?....why are you posting this on AMSAT-BB 
at all?.....you are creating a situation where he cannot talk to you 
personally about your views....

Prior to this posting I have heard nothing regarding this topic....

Are you posting it to embarrass Larry?...are you posting it to bolster your 
opinion?... If you feel personally threatened please call the Police or the 
Center for Disease Control or Homeland Security or someone else....AMSAT BB is an 
inappropriate forum to present this...as an AMSAT Local Coordinator in the 
San Francisco area you should know this...

If you choose to post personal email outside of AMSAT's purview...it is YOUR 
responsibility...not OURS!.....Be Responsible for YOUR actions....

Amsat# ... I forget...OK here it is....35202
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