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RE: Re Lunar Repeater

Just a thought...  

Since we're talking about having it go up as part of a launch that's
already going up, and it will be based where the settlement is, why not
just have the transponders, control units and antennas integrated into
the rest of the structures that already will be there?  That way it can
be tied into the power grid for the settlement, there won't be a need to
power down over the lunar night, and the electronics can be accessible
inside the shelter.  

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

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Yeah, but .. keeping it active through the night is the best way to 
keep the circuitry from getting too cold to survive.  It's not 
necessary to have the transponder actually relaying signals, but it's 
important to at least keep it warm and keep the amplifiers running when 
there's no sunlight on the electronics because otherwise the cold will 
kill them.  You probably do want to shut down the transponder signal 
path except for the telemetry and command links, because the power 
budget will be limited at night, but you definitely want to keep 
everything warmed up ..

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