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Re: Threats from VA3LK (Larry Kayser)

At 06:15 PM 3/3/2004, Emily Clarke wrote:
>I recently received this email from VA3LK:

much deleted

>So for some reason he's decided to try to make this personal and invade my 
>privacy (as if I had any to invade in the first place.)
>Has anyone had to deal with these kinds of threats from him before, and if 
>so, have you had any success other than in the courts?  I've contacted my 
>attorney and he thinks the guy is just some kind of nut or something and 
>told me to ignore him.
>Any advice from the membership?

I've known Larry for many years and he is anything but a nut ....

I think his point was that your web-page supports a position he finds 
objectionable. I can sort of see his point, and I understand that your 
position is not a political one ... he believes that since the bird is no 
longer controllable, it causes more problems than it solves. His point is 
well taken that old birds will end up consuming and polluting valuable 
spectrum if we don't develop what amounts to a recycling plan.

If you remove the elements of what appear to be an attack upon you, it IS 
an interesting argument.


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