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Re: Threats from VA3LK (Larry Kayser)

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 15:15, Emily Clarke wrote:
> Has anyone had to deal with these kinds of threats from him before, and if
> so, have you had any success other than in the courts?  I've contacted my
> attorney and he thinks the guy is just some kind of nut or something and
> told me to ignore him.
> Any advice from the membership?
> 73,
> Emily

   you haven't been on the BB or Amsat long enough to know some of the history 
  when ao7 woke up there was a big push to be able to control the sat... part 
of the regs say  that a sat must be controllable... Larry was hot to trot to 
get a big huge amp and try and control the sat... there was some limited 
success I believe in commanding it... plus there was a issue if it was still 
legal to use it on mode B... Larry wanted to try and shut it down and control 

anyway... others including myself argued with Larry about this... 

bottom line is, Larry feels that ao7 will cause the destruction of AMSAT  in 
general because it randomly transmits...  

supposedly Larry will show back up after 5 years on the BB and post messages 
that myself and others posted and  show us how his predictions came true...

I think we have 2 or 3 years to go before doom sets in...

bottom line... do what most do, ignore Larry when he is in one of his moods...

Kevin WA6FWF

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