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Threats from VA3LK (Larry Kayser)

I recently received this email from VA3LK:

>I was just looking around and found your web site on the return of AMSAT 
>OSCAR VII.  This is a direct request of you to include the following in 
>your web page.
>"Not everyone is happy to see the return of AMSAT OSCAR VII.  AMSAT OSCAR 
>VII now joins AMSAT OSCAR X as a very long time radio pollution generator 
>that could last for the next 100 years or so.  This pollution is generated 
>by the uncontrolled and random operation of radio transmitters on three 
>amateur radio bands, on every orbit.
>AMSAT OSCAR VII functions in irrefutable violation of the license 
>agreement between AMSAT and the FCC - AMSAT consistently makes no effort 
>to begin the long process of mitigating the operation of AMSAT OSCAR VII.
>Larry Kayser
>AMSAT Life Member #3
>Builder of the 435.1 Beacon on AMSAT OSCAR VII"
>If you take from this that I see AMSAT as a disgrace to amateur radio, 
>your right.

When I wrote him back to ask for an explanation he wrote the following 
somewhat threatening email:

>Pollute, destroy the purity or outrage the sanctity of
>AMSAT OACAR VII transmits uncontrollably on up to three amateur bands, 
>randomly, every time it crosses the terminator from dark to light.  The 
>beacons transmit information of no value, the passbands contain spurious 
>signals, and badly distorted signals that may appear in the input 
>passbands, and it does this on every orbit around the earth.
>AMSAT has an FCC license that prohibits this uncontrolled and unmanaged 
>form of operation of AMSAT OSCAR VII.
>AMSAT took on a fiduciary responsibility to use and by implication respect 
>and protect every radio frequency AMSAT makes use of.  AMSAT also has the 
>responsibility to clean up any mess made by AMSAT satellites.
>Think back to the early Sputniks.  If they were transmitting on the 20 MHz 
>WWV and WWVH frequencies, as they once did, the Russians would be taking 
>heat from the world wide communities to clean up the mess.  AMSAT should 
>take no less, and AMSAT is messing up many more frequencies (aka 
>bandwidth) than the Russians ever did.
>Is the message now clear?

After I advised him that I wasn't in any position to do anything for him, 
and advised him to take his argument to his peers, he wrote yet another 
threatening letter:

>I started to prepare a detailed reply to you, respecting you but putting 
>the simple facts before you.  Then I came to this paragraph in your email 
>and realized there is a simple solution to this discourse.
> > Please - if you truly feel this way put up your own website to express 
> your
> > anger, argue it out with your peers or take legal action.  Please don't
> > trouble me with it.  I'm just a computer programmer who enjoys AO-7 being
> > what it is - an enjoyable satellite.
>The minute that you put up your web site supporting AO7 you lost your 
>right to privacy and you became a public person.  I have every right to 
>take your public person and use it as I wish to advance the case that AO7 
>is now a public polluter and you are part of the amunition - you made the 
>choice to be a public person and you lost the right to your privacy when 
>you did so.  You can not have it both ways, things don't work like that.
>Either shut down your web site, or put up with the poltical action.  Very 

So for some reason he's decided to try to make this personal and invade my 
privacy (as if I had any to invade in the first place.)

Has anyone had to deal with these kinds of threats from him before, and if 
so, have you had any success other than in the courts?  I've contacted my 
attorney and he thinks the guy is just some kind of nut or something and 
told me to ignore him.

Any advice from the membership?



W0EEC - CM87tm
AMSAT Area Coordinator - San Francisco Bay Area
http://www.projectoscar.net    http://www.PlanetEmily.com 

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