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3B9C Expedition

Dear all.

Although I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that AO-40 will be recovered in time for the 3B9C operation from Rodrigues Island.  March 17th to April 12th.

As ‘satellite specialist’ I’m probably going to get more of a sun tan than I expected. However, it still may be possible to get a few satellite QSOs into the log.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who would like to set up a sked on ANY of the remaining satellites.  The best possibility looks like FO-29 which appears to be working well.  Using just a triband vertical around  435.850,  I’ve heard a few stations today including EB8 and VE3.   RS15 could also work.  Unfortunately the 6 minute schedule on AO-27 is good for areas of high population but it would be difficult for 3B9.

So if you have any visibility with 3B9 on any satellite please send me a mail and we’ll work something out. A quick look at Nova suggests that on FO-29 southern and east Africa should be easy, while there are a few more difficult openings to western Australia and possibly India.  RS15 has a lot of potential to Asia, the middle east and most of VK. And there’s always AO-7 which has an excellent footprint and can reach as far north as 4X.


David   G0MRF / 3B9C

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