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Re Lunar Repeater

ALthough it would be nice to have a repeater that works throughout the lunar
night,it is not essential.
What is the lightest, smallest SSB repeater that we could make, preferably
with minimum switching, operating on U/S bands (so we can use our AO40
What special precautions do we need top take for the gear to survive the
extremes of the lunar night and day ?
Can we not design one that can be placed on the lunar surface, and folds
out, like the laser reflector that was put up there on the Apollo missions.
Then put the battery pack as an additional extra and we may have a 'standard
off the shelf'  basic design for any launches that may come along.
Funding - Get the BPL operators to help us with the package costs, after all
they want to get us off their backs,

Mike G3LGR
AMSAT 33243

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