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Re: Idea for more satellites in short time

At 11:26 AM 3/2/2004 -0500, Arthur H Feller wrote:

>Depends on the orbit, of course.  But, the issue was whether or not we have 
>an allocation to the amateur-satellite service at 3.4 GHz.  The answer is 
>"yes" with limitations.  We don't have to like the answer.  That's just the 
>way it is.
>73, art..... 

Art etal,

The original issue (Emily's) was what the natural progression into the mw
bands would be (implying that satellites should mirror that), and my point
was to say that 3.4 GHz is not the current "next band" for microwavers
moving up in freq.  I was semi-wrong about the world allocations.

In my opinion and experience, hams usually hop to 5.6 or 10 GHz and skip
over 3.4.  There is hardly any EME at 3.4.  At present 10 GHz EME activity
is rivaling 2.3 GHz for next most active band after 1.2.  Therefore, it
seems to me that a mw satellite should go where the greatest chance of
activity is.  What is missed in this discussion is that mw sat operation
does not occur on the "normal" suband in those mw bands so one must acquire
additional equipment for the new sat-band in any case.  So maybe the
premise is completely faulty.

I will grant that 3.456 GHz is lately seeing some growth in the US, so this
may change the demographics.

There was installed equipment for 1.2, 2.4, 5.6, 10.4, and 24 GHz on
AO-40...no 3.4!   I still vote for 10.4 after 2.4 GHz.

73s, Ed - AL7EB
Amsat #3212

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