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Re: Idea for more satellites in short time

Robert G. Oler WB5MZO wrote:

>AO 40 was probably several bridges to far.  In so many ways.

The main problem with AO-40 was that it ended up being an evolutionary dead
end. The next high altitude satellite should be a design that can be
replicated and launched repeatedly, so that if we don't get the first one
right, we will have a chance to try again. 

>As for transponders...well 10 meters to 24 ghz is pretty ambitious.  Most 
>hams are not on 24 ghz and wont be for sometime.

Most hams will never be on 24 GHz unless we provide them a reason for going
there. One of the missions of the amateur satellite program is to provide hams
with good reasons to get on the higher frequency bands. If we fail to do this,
most hams will never have a reason to get on 24 GHz.

Dan Schultz N8FGV 

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