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[aprssig] Re: Flight Opportunity (APRS Speech?)

APRS to Speech on the next PCsat clone:

By the way, N1VG has already identified an off-the-shelf answer to the
APRS-text-to-speech idea.  We will order one on monday!


de WB4APR, Bob
> > We have room for a match box sized text-to-speech gizmo
> > or any other small rs-232 payload on our next satellite.
> >
> > The satellite has a PCsat clone digipeater (KPC-3 TNC) and
> > besides digipeating, the serial port is unused (in fact, 2 of them)
> > They are available for secondary mission payloads (but only match box
> > size).  Our first thought is the text-to-speech box, and with the right
> > packet, it could SPEAK the contents of a special APRS packet.
> >
> > No loggon required.  Just send the packet and it would speak.
> > What would really be neat is if it had two voices.  Then two
> > people could QSO just by choosing one or the other voice and
> > typing their half of the QSO.  Mutt-and-Jeff..

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