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Re: Snow

n8anr@juno.com wrote:

>I have been wondering what other people do to keep the snow from building
>up in their dishes.   I tried to listen to the AO-40 Net last nite and
>was not very satisfied with my reception.  The dish was just put up in
>the late fall and I have not had a real chance to test it out until now. 
>Today I noticed the dish was completely filled with snow.  The dish is
>usually parked to the east so I normally don't see it from the feed side.
> Any ideas for getting the snow out other than a trip up on a snowy
>rooftop.  I was thinking of painting the backside of the dish a dark
>color this spring so I could turn the back to the sun next winter.   How
>about painting the rim black ??  Anyone have any ideas ???
Move to someplace warmer!  I've never had any problems with snow 
accumulating on any of my antennas here at my house in the Los Angeles 
area.  Supposed to be in the 60s today...

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  626-302-8515
AMSAT Member 32537 - WSWSS Member 395

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