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LS patch instructions, polar mount, etc. [was: patch antenna round or square?]

Yes, it's fine to link to that page.  I've also written up a minimalist
quasi-polar 'armstrong drive' mount, originally for the WB4APR dish but
suitable for other uses as well.  With only one axis to think about, it's
fairly easy to use it by setting it to point south at max. el. and then
tuning by ear to find AO-40 (like folks do in Mode J-FM).


Both are referenced from:


which also links to a telemtry history of AO-40 (a large file (340K) which
contains the text sent by AO-40, whenever that text changed in a meaningful

As far as publishing anything, i would like to have several people construct
one first and give me feedback before committing anything to paper.  I would
also like to write up the simpler 2.4GHz patch as well, as that's what most
people will want.

73's/good luck!
		          -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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