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FT-847 Failure- need Suggestions

Hi all:  I was operating AO-40 tonight, for about 90 minutes.  Near the end
of the session, my FT-847 started showing a strange symptom.  From
time-to-time, when I keyed up the rig in SSB (Satellite Duplex)(using the
MOX button), the thing just powered down.  At first, I thought I was
accidentally hitting the power button instead of the MOX button, but that
was not the case.  This happened 5 or 6 times.  I checked the power supply
voltage, and it seemed normal.  I cycled the power supply, allowed it to
cool, and so on.  After awhile, the 847 refused to power up at all.  

I'd appreciate any suggestions as to where to begin troubleshooting. Tnx.
73 de Brian W3BW

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