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Re: GO-32 Techsat-1B

 There is nuch chatter about GO-32 on the UO-22 BBS. Sys Ops have been
turning GO-32 on and  and off for a  couple of week's or so. Other
comment's noted,  the downlink is 3k low, speculation that the OBC crashed
and their reloading. Check out the messages on UO-22 for the full story. I'm
going to listen tonight, there is a pass about 0000z.

73 Jeff kb2m

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From: "John Mock" <kd6pag@qsl.net>
To: <sastrup@online.no>
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2004 3:10 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] GO-32 Techsat-1B

>    Could someone give me an update on GO-32, Techsat-1B. I was receiving
>    GO-32 very well a couple of days ago, and was even able to upload. Now
>    I am receiving just a couple of frames each pass. Did GO-32 have an
>    OBC crash?
> -- Sven LA6KJ
> Really!?!!  Are you sure you were uploading to GO-32?  Was it close to
> (e.g. perhaps still active from a pass over Israel)?
> If so, this is interesting news, as far as i've ever read, commissioning
> on GO-32 never got very far.  I don't think i've ever heard it, and i'm
> one of those people who checks out supposedly dead satellites from time
> to time (c.f. Sapphire revival).  I think there might be interest here if
> you saved any of the packet traffic and could post some of it (especially
> anything that wasn't just a beacon).
>       -- KD6PAG

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