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re: Pocket Satellite Predicts

Actually, Bob, that's how i used to work AO-27 (occasionally UO-14) using a
Palm Pilot instead of dedicated hardware.  I had some PERL code which took
SatTrack predictions and turned them into downloadable reminders, with
AOS, MaxEl, LOS; and their respective azimuths.  Plenty of information for
an Arrow-type antenna.  The same thing will probably work under Windows as
well as LINUX, i just don't know that much about PC software.

I think reminders on my phone are also downloadable via IR, i'll have to 
figure out how to do that someday.  Then it'll vibrate rather than beep 
when i'm in a public place.  But the Pilot reminder software is much better.

If anyone still makes a IR downloadable watch, that might do it as well.
When i last looked for one many years ago, it was an MSDOS only device.

				-- KD6PAG

P.S. Sorry about the misdirected message yesterday; didn't want to waste
bandwidth apologizing.
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