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IP 200... banned from QSL.net

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 16:27:58 -0500 
To: Alberto Helmfelt <helmfelt@usa.net> 
From: "Alan L. Waller" <k3tkj@qsl.net> 
Subject: Re: IP banned, I cant access qsl.net 


I am sorry you feel this way....I could care less where you live, I would do
the same to any country. I am blocking all IP's that start with 200 because
that is where the problem is. If I remove the block the QSL.NET system goes
down world wide and is of no use to anyone. My only concern is to protect the
QSL system from harm, I am sorry if you are caught in the problem.


At 04:21 PM 1/14/2004, you wrote:
Hi Al

I live in Argentina not Brasil, also the people from Mexico have the same
problem, the correct way is to ask the Nic provider to ban that mac or Ip
from the source.

I belive that is not correct to act like this, and I feel that as a licensed
Radio Amateur you put us at the side because we come from the back yard.

For shure you do not act like this with peple from europe canada etc.


Alberto LU2FGN

At 12:11 p.m. 14/01/2004 -0500, you wrote:


73, Al

At 05:23 AM 1/14/2004, you wrote:
Mr. Al Waller

I did put at the amsat-bb this problem that I have to reach the qsl.net
pages, for a couple of week I think that was a problem with systems etc..
I do have my own server with some none profit pages like
www.sateliteros.com.ar but after a long time start to wonder watt was going
on, on the amsat-bb came out a radio ham stating that they was also banned
and toll me how to log in the web pages on your server, after trying it the
I weak up that is true that we are banned from your server.

I will wait for your replay.
Sorry for my English but for sure, I can do it better in Spanish.

Happy New Year

ALberto LU2FGN

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