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Re[2]: Re: Leila in "jam only" mode

Hello Dave,

Tuesday, January 13, 2004, 6:22:41 AM, you wrote:

> Now you've got me more confused than ever....what does polarity have to do
> with the uplink???  I say again, I've tried both polarities on AO40 uplink, 
> and I've never noticed any difference...

My 2 cents:

linear polarity on 70cm uplink is producing spin fade. Linear polarity on
23 cm uplink is NOT producing noticeable spin fade. This is because the
receive antennas on the satellite are mounted at different places on the
surface. BUT circular polarization will add 2.xx dB gain in addition.
There will also be spin fade on circular antennas as long as the squint is high.


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