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Re: Re: G5400 woes

At 03:09 PM 1/11/2004 -0500, Ronald Long wrote:
> > my question is why would you do that?
> > There's nothing gained by placing a sat assembly way up in the air;
>I beg to differ. My antennas are on a 40ft tower. It allows me to get above 
>trees, adjacent houses, etc. and work DX at very low satellite angles, 
>essentially 360 degree coverage down to 0 elevation. I admit that my HF 
>antenna and rotator (on a separate 80ft tower) is more reliable. To deal 
>with the reliability issues of the satellite system, the satellite tower 
>has a Hazer elevator which allows me to bring it down to ground level with 
>ease. The only downside is that I can't use hardline on that tower.
>ron w8gus 


I use a Hazer for 2m-eme.  You can run hardline with the Hazer if you are
willing to climb the tower after the Hazer is raised into position.  I run
7/8-line inside the tower and support it on 1/2-emt conduit.  The conduit
is secured to the small tower rungs about every 8-foot so doesn't interfere
with the Hazer (which mainly rides the three tower legs).

I do like the Hazer for the ease in working on my eme antennas...else I
would have to take them down every time there was a problem.  Also, if
advance severe wx is known I can lower it all to near ground so not subject
to the full brunt of the storm.  Of course since I must hook/unhook a
jumper to my hardline before moving the Hazer, this can only be done before
the winds are up!

73s Ed

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