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Re: Newbie needs help with AO-40!!

I haven't a clue why you're not getting a strong uplink, but you should be 
very strong with your setup.   The last couple nights I've had a booming 
AO-40 signal with just an 8X8 Cushcraft array and 40 watts on UHF.  I 
suspect the problem is on your 70cm side, because on an FO bird you're 
uplinking with 2m.

Try/Check these things:

Dirty or broken polarity switcher/relay or wire  on the 70cm antenna.
Poorly installed connector(s) somewhere on the 70cm side.
Too much 9913 between the rig and antenna.(loss)
Is the rig really putting out 50W on 70cm?
Low SWR on 70cm?
Try uplinking without the 70cm Landwehr pre-amp inline.

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