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Re: beacon+20 net

>Excellent idea!  Gentle reminders and demonstrations of proper operating
>technique could go a very long way toward making AO-40 even more enjoyable.
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>From: <kgschaffrath@beckman.com>
> > I would like to propose that the net control of the beacon+20 net
> > make an effort to teach some of the newer operators to reduce
> > their power levels to beacon -10db.  Most ops were 'copyable'
> > 20kc below the beacon by their image alone. The image is due
> > to the mixing of the beacon and a Huge signal on the opposite
> > side. Otherwise this net may become known as
> > the Beacon +20-over net.

Lee, I could not agree more, I'm trying to find out which net he was 
referring to...I've been ramrodding this effort, and have made most of 
them.  We get a rare Leila break on those uplinking 435, but that seems to 
happen when the agc is bouncing all over the place, and I've never been 
able to figure out how I can reduce my power on 435 rapidly enough to 
adjust my uplink...Is there a way?....Partly the reason I'm on 1.2 up 99% 
of the time!

Any Leila break I've observed when I've been on, net or otherwise, happens 
when the agc is bouncing...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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