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Re: First Planetary AMSAT Rover

The entire 70 cm ham band is a secondary allocation with military and
government users having primary status. The fact that a NASA (government)
spacecraft is using a radio frequency that falls inside our amateur band
hardly makes it an amateur radio project. Should we also award Oscar numbers
to the radar imaging satellites that operate in the 70 cm band? Maybe the
operators of the Pave Paws radar could be eligible for ham contests and

Dan Schultz N8FGV

Bob, WB4APR, wrote:

>Since the MARS rover and Mars Global Surveyor communicate with each other
>on the Amateur frequency of 437.1 (or at least that is where they did the
>test?), do we have a "mole" at JPL that would be interested in requesting
>an OSCAR number?

Ed, AL7EB, writes:

>Or is the answer that NASA is the federal govt. and they can use whatever
>freq. they damn well please? LOL

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