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Re: First Planetary AMSAT Rover

At 03:40 PM 1/6/2004 -0800, Emily Clarke wrote:
>I also have to 
>wonder why NASA chose 437MHz rather than 400-420MHz or 460-470MHz?

The answer may surprize you!

JPL (NASA) wanted to include hams in the mission and saw them helping with
testing/calibration of the lander at approx. 10M miles from
earth...calculations showed that EME capable UHF hams had the ability.
This led to 437.1 MHz.  Also, remember this was one of the first
simpler-cheaper-quicker NASA missions that tried to use off-shelf
electronics vs. expensive one-of-kind stuff!  MGS/Pathfinder was a real
success story!  One they really needed (and did a great job promoting on
the internet).

Odyssey did a ham calib. too, but waited too late for many hams to get
ready for it.

Of course they did not need the FCC or ITA or WTC to "bless" it...as it was
not going to be used in/near to Earth.  I suppose the MCC gave them
authorization (Mars Comm Commission).

Or is the answer that NASA is the federal govt. and they can use whatever
freq. they damn well please?  LOL

73, Ed - AL7EB

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