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Re: NO-45 contacts

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From: "Bob Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu>
To: "Phil" <phil@spiderweb.com.au>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 6:51 PM
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] NO-45 contacts

> Yes see first para above.  BUT the number of APRS satgates for SAPPHIRE
> (NO-45) are very very few.  Maybe only one or so...  Looking at the WEB
> page, you can see what station was the downlink/satrgate station by the
> call after the "q" construct in the path...

There will be another satgate working in the downlink 437.1 by next week.
All the RF gear is working and is hearing
the 'kerchunks'.  I've been near the receiver when it passed by and I heard
packets.  The TNC was shipped today and I am looking forward
to seeing what I can gate.
I had an 84 degree pass today with PcSAT.  The Igate was none stop during
the pass.  I used findu to determine how many stations made it
and I was happy to see most of them did!  I've been using Ui-View and the
add-on program that tracks PcSAT and the ISS along with decoding the
and it's all working great!

73  WA6OFT

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