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First Planetary AMSAT Rover


Since the MARS rover and Mars Global Surveyor communicate with each other
on the Amateur frequency of 437.1 (or at least that is where they did the
test?), do we have a "mole" at JPL that would be interested in requesting
an OSCAR number?

Of the 4 requirements, #1 may not have been done before launch, but I bet
the AMSAT BOD could waive that requirement:

 1) The spacecraft's frequencies in the amateur bands must have been
 coordinated before launch through [the] IARU/AMSAT frequency coordinator

 2) The spacecraft must have successfully achieved orbit and/or have been
 successfully deployed.  [EARTH orbit is not specified]

 3) Once in orbit, one or more transmitters must have been successfully
 activated in the amateur satellite service.  [it depends on what "in"
 means... it is clear that they are transmitting on a frequency "in" the
 "Amateur Satellite Service" ...<wink>]

 4) After the above requirements have been met, the organization or
 organizations which are the builders/owners of the spacecraft may request
 [an OSCAR number]...

I think it would give AMSAT some great publicity if this was done right...
The news media are always looking for down-home stories...

Just as universities can grant honorary degrees to distinguished people,
AMSAT could grant an "honorary" OSCAR number to the little rover...
And use as justification the great efforts of many HAMS who not only
probably worked on the project at JPL, but also those that RECEIVED the
test signals with their home EME stations...

Where is our PR team?

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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