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Re: Yaesu G-5500 rotor pots

Gopal.  I've just completed replacing the pots in my G5400 rotor assembly.  It
required about six hours of labor as I was not sure how to proceed.  New pots
are available from VERTEX Standard (Yaesu).  The part number is Q9000408 which
is the modern version in which the rotor has a wire connected to the center pin
of the pot.  The cost is $28.72 each!!!!!!!  plus shipping.  LOCATION:
Vertex Standard, 100900 Walker St., Cypress, CA 90630-5014     (714)827-8100
     Some additional information you may want to consider is available on the
AMSAT-bb archives.  KR8L, William Parmley, writes at 13:41:21 Central Standard
Time "KENPRO KR-500/Yaesu G-500 Elevation Rotators", a very good overview and
procedure sufficiently detailed to instill confidence to proceed.
     On 27 Sept 2001 at 20:13 PM, WB4GCS-Jim Sanford writes "YAESU G5400
Lesson Learned."  This is another good reference.  Almost all contributors 
indicate the use of a good, Lithium based outboard motor or wheel bearing grease
be used.  Depending on your low temperature environment this seem good advice.
Cliff Buttschardt K7RR

Gopal Madhavan wrote:
> It also looks like the pots in the rotors may require
> cleaning/replacement and before I bring all the stuff off the roof,
> perhaps it is best that I have with me a couple of pots for replacement
> in case they are gone.
> Can any one point me to a source of the pots in the Yaesu G-5500 az-el
> rotors?
> Thanks in advance
> Gopal VU2GMN
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