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To whom it may concern,
                                    Worro' chaps.....unfortunately, I have 
to say that my PSK31 experiments on AO-7 turned out to be the proverbial 
pig's ear.....for our "wrong side of the Atlantic" friends, that means it 
was a load of old cobblers (ie: didn't work as envisaged). Despite a few 
reasonable passes over
Frei Island with the bird in mode-B (good CW QSO's) the PSK31 tests were a 
dismal failure.

Wot!, no batteries?.....

Never mind, blow the dust of those keys. (we all know that we shouldn't use 
too much power and that CW is the best power conserving mode.....don't we?). 
Even you avid SSB bods ought to be able to manage the odd dit n' dah here 
and there.

This is Frasier Crane.....I'm listening.....

73 John. Frei Island. JP33WB. <la2qaa@amsat.org>

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