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AO-7 Report 2811030818Z

AO-7 Report. 2811030818Z.

Beacon. S4 to S7.

180 180 180 180
252 252 252 252
324 324 324 324
496 496 496 496
568 568 568 568
696 696 696 696

This data is of course ridiculous!.

Potentially good  CW QSO with SM6HBI ruined by deliberate QRM.....dit, dit, 
dit reoccurring.....with far! too much uplink power from 2 different 

Nothing much has changed re: "weekend operating in the last 3 years hi.....

The orbit started with nice steady signals of S7 but deteriorated to S2 
"wobblies" as three other stations came on using too much power. To be 
expected I suppose on a Saturday morning. Probably don't even realise 
they're shortening the satellite's active life dramatically.

I reckon that's one of the advantages of microwave operating (read: AO-40). 
It keeps the clowns away. God Help ECHO (if it gets up) is what I say.

Reports on a 100 Euro note wrapped round a wallbrick, chucked through 
LA2QAA's front window please.


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