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SaudiSats (was Re: No Luck)

Hi George,

SO-41 is seldom if ever turned on - don't know why.

SO-50 is turned on quite a lot.  However, it only has a 140mw transmitter, 
so it's probably not that your rig is messed up but rather you may not have 
enough receive gain on the 70cm side.  Basically a beam antenna and pre-amp 
will do the trick but you can work it with a HT and the AO-27 type Arrow 
antenna.  Al N5AFV works it with a Pryme AL-800 whip antenna and a W32A.

The receiver is sensitive, so please make sure you hear QSOs before you 
start transmitting.  Once you are sure you can hear SO-50, then try 
transmitting.  Unfortunately it gets jammed often by folks with inadequate 
receive gain but lots of transmit power.

Though the debate rages on, many of us believe that SO-50 can drift off 
frequency by 3 KHz or better. So you should tune around.  I start off 
looking at 436.808 and tune down from there.



At 01:43 PM 11/28/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>I have a little time off and thought I would try the FM birds, but nothing 
>heard on SO-41 or SO-50. Is my rig messed up or do these birds not talk???
>George KC5WBV
>Life is a grindstone, it will grind you down,
>or polish you up, depending on what
>you are made of.

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