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G-5400B reassembly

Well, I was given a Yaesu 5400B rotator and I decided to grease it before
sticking it back up in the air. Unfortunately, I (ahem) wasn't careful
enough to note alignment when I disassembled it. I seem to have the
Elevation rotator under control but I am having some trouble with the
Azimuth unit.

After cleaning and greasing the bearings, I reassembled it, making sure I
got the little 'limit arm' inside to align with the tab on the cover. (A
blind procedure.) However, when I go through the electrical alignment with
the control box, I just can't get the meter to 'zero' properly in the full
CCW position (even twiddling the 'zero' adjustment on the meter). I seem to
have lots of range with the full scale adjustment in the full CW position.

The manual is very limited in its help - I don't think Yaesu expects hams to
be disassembling the rotator! There is only an 'exploded' parts diagram.

SO, anybody out there have any suggestions or experience with one of these?
I do not wish to disassemble and reassemble it many times because the grease
is messy and the bearings always seem to escape under things!

Thanks for any help.

David Beach

PS: I see there are no limit switches on this unit. What happens if one
really bangs the rotator hard (accidentally!) against the 'stops'? Does the
motor burn out? A fuse blow? I see a small ?thermal switch on the schematic.

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