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Re: Up and Double Up for ECHO!

> Others - Double up.  $50 to $100, $10 to $20 or whatever else you can do.

Following Bob B's note a couple days ago I realized that, whatever
their vices and virtues, it's cricital we support our flagship
amateur organizations such as AMSAT, TAPR and ARRL.  So this
morning I went to http://www.amsat.org with intentions to finally
join up again for the second time in my long amateur career.

I was surprised to find, "we have no secure method to process
memberships over the web.  Please print out the form and mail
it in."

I'll propose the same here I did for another amateur group...   I'll
sign up for two years membership when I can do it by the web or Paypal..

It's a good thing to make it easy for the membership to
send money...

Bill - WA7NWP

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