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GS-232 driver for InstantTrack

KCTGS232 is now available in alpha test release.

It's a DOS TSR driver ("RotorDRV", compatible with InstantTrack) that 
talks to a Yaesu GS-232 controller (or compatible) over a 
16550-compatible serial port. It has been tested (a little bit) with 
the Yaesu GS-232 and the Las Vegas Boulevard Tracker from G6LVB.

It is available now at http://www.mustbeart.com/software/kctgs232.html

Also available is a similar driver for EasyComm II protocol.

They are also available on the AMSAT web page, 

These drivers are both very basic, and have seen only rudimentary 
testing. Please let me know if you get them to work, or if you have 
trouble with them.

73  -Paul
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