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It seems that most of the hams only read books and
internet about missions in the past. I also read them
often on internet but this is not the info I need.

What I want is a moonradio mission in the future, and
I dont care at all how to put this radio on the moon.
What I need is just the physical numbers of thrust
needed. The next stage will be finding a way to make
this thrust in a form of some kind of engine.
And finally its time to make such an engine :o)

So I am looking for some engineers (read: also none
hams are welcome) that want to find out a way to get a
small payload safe on the moon. The way how to get it
there is not that important now, but I like it to be
in an amateur way. So going to NASA and ask them for a
solution is not what I want, but trying a new kind of
engine, or self made engine I prefer more.

The main idea is to develope new technology and gain
experience. The technology will not only be
electronics !!! I also like to gain more experience in
(rocket) engine technology. I believe somewhere on the
globe there also must be some rocket amateurs (like we
radio amateurs) that want to go more far than only
their backgarden :o)

The best way to gain technology and experience is to
think out something never done before (by amateurs).

On the other hand it will also contribute to many
radio amateurs around the globe. Not only the EME
hams, but also a medium class satellite station will
be able to work a moon station. In that way it will
contribute in many ways to the amateur community and
space engine technology. 

So is there anybody who likes to find out a way to get
a payload on the moon (in an amateur way) ?
Is there also anybody having experience in making
(rocket) space engines ? or ion engines.... etc ?

Maybe some amateurs that are good in
calculating/simulating a way to get from earth to the
moon ?

None hams are also welcome, and from what place on the
globe I don't care also... as far as you can
contribute with your hands its okay hihi)

73 de PE1RAH,
William in San Miguel
El Salvador


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