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Re: UHF Yagi w/ PVC boom

I built the 11 element version on white SCH40 PVC as you described. I
drilled the boom for crossed elements but only installed one set so far. I
used the dimensions directly off the web site and the only adjusment
required was some trimming of the driven element to fine tune the VSWR. I
also cut the boom between elements 6 and 7 and inserted a small piece of
dowel ( actually I stole about 3 inches from a plunger handle) into the PVC
to make it easier to carry in the back of the car. The 6 element version is
great for hand held LEO reception. I made the elements from #8 copper ground
wire. This was a very easy antenna to build and get working. I have managed
to get a weak signal into AO40 using 10 Watts and 10' of RG-8.

Howie AB2S

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