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Hi, Kevin!!

At 11:25 AM 25-11-2003, KSCHUCHM@pacbell.net wrote:
>Hi Art,
>   already seen that link... although it has good
>numbers the data is old...

The data are good to the end of last year.

More current data are available and can be sent on request.  We routinely 
produce a monthly financial statement for Directors and Officers to use in 
running the organization.  Though the monthly numbers are not yet audited, 
historically, Martha keeps excellent records upon which we can depend.

>So like my first note said...
>how much did ECHO cost?

The project isn't over, so we can say only what has been spent and what is 
projected.  I'd expect the total from start to finish to be around $350K, 
when all is said and done, though the project manager will likely have 
better numbers.  (In the space business, this would be called a bargain!)

>have contributions paid it off?

No, not yet.

>how close are we on raising the 110K for launch?

We've got a ways to go.  Sure could use your check!  And, lots more!!  Hey, 
folks, there's no such thing as a free launch.

>how much has been raised for EAGLE?

Will have to check the latest financials, which I don't have with me at the 
moment.  (Martha has them at the office.)  However, the amount raised is 
far short of what will be needed.


You're welcome!  Your check?  Please!

73, art..... 

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