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> When I see some real numbers, the checkbook will 
come out...

>Ill add that to the list of Other common excuses:

>1) "Ill wait till its in orbit, then Ill help 
>2) "Its HAM radio and HAM radio is supposed to be 
>3) "Its an FM bird, I don't like FM so I'm not 
>4) "Why can't they get a free ride somewhere..."
>5) "Why are they always asking for money.? "
>6) "I already spent $2500 for a radio, $750 for an 
>antenna controller,
>$250 for an antenna, etc.... Now they want me to send 
>in $100
>for a satellite to use it with! Geeze...

I'm not trying to make excuses Bob..


>1) It takes money (lots of it) to build and launch 
granted never thought it didn't...

>2) Those that are doing ALL THE WORK are spending 
>thousands of hours
>of FREE labor to get the job done, but they have to 
>pay material
>and services costs and expenses that the project 

never said I didn't appreciate the hard work that is 
being done...

>3) NO ONE IS WASTING your $$$$ (like the crooks on 
>Wall street)

I will take your word for it...

>4) Hiring a bean counter to nickel and dime and 
>report is just an
>added expense (unless there is hanky-panky going on - 
>which there

didn't say there was... but why the big stink??? don't 
need a bean counter... I bet someone on the bod knows 
off the top of their head the costs...

>So if one wants satellites, then contribute and trust 
>and support those of
>our community that are stepping forward and doing all 
>the work. If one
>isn't contributing, then get out of the way...

>Just my 2 cents worth...

I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for your two cents...


I had a lot of respect for you and the work you do Bob 
until you called me a lid for asking a question...

Did it ever occur to you that maybe I am just 
concerned over the financial health of Amsat?

recently a local radio station had a fund raiser, they 
made there goals clear and had weekly updates, I 
donated much more than I usually do to them because 
they were running behind on their drive...

with Amsat I don't have a clue where we stand..

I have watched people offer to help...

I heard a great idea on here just fade away...

I heard another great idea on the irc about a  rocket 
drawing on the website and have it rise as we got 
closer to our goal for liftoff...what a good idea and 
great feedback...

You have to get people fired up to reach a goal... 
like the local radio station did...

maybe all I really wanted out of this was for people 
to realize how well off or how badly off the finances 
for this project are... and maybe give a damn...

a simple ECHO cost this much and we have yet to 
recover this much... and we have collected x amount 
for launch and need this much to go... would have been 

but everyone gets pissed and acts like its nobodies 
business... and your a lid if you ask...

fine I will send in the money that the letter 
requested... I was prepared to send much much  more... 
but since no one seems prepared to discuss the real 
numbers I will assume that everything is peachy and 
the funding is going great and its rolling in...

thanks and have a great day Bob



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