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IC-910 intermod susceptibility?

We (that is to say, a club I belong to) are in the process of designing
a satellite ground station.  Our leading candidate for a radio is the
Icom IC-910, though, of course, we are always open to other options.

My question is this: the club station is located in the downtown of a
moderately-large city (Toronto, to be exact).  As such, I expect
reasonably high levels of RF near the 2 m band, whether from pagers,
police or other emergency service radios, or even from broadcast.  Will
the 910 be able to handle this, or should we budget for an intermod
filter?  Does anyone else have experience in operating the 910 in an
interference-hostile environment?


Luke Stras <stras@utias.toronto.edu>
"The meek can have the Earth; the rest of us have other plans" 
  --Henry Spencer
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