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On Tuesday 25 November 2003 05:51, Robert McGwier wrote:
> Hello all:
> I found Robin's letter to be quite explicit.  If anyone thinks
> $110,000 is excessive for the cost of a ride to space, including
> the cost of the support team at the launch site (etc.) I suggest
> that you investigate the cost of prior launches in real costs:
> cost of the launch plus ground crew.  I would hazard to guess
> that this is about the cheapest launch AMSAT-NA has ever had
> for one of its own spacecraft.
> There are real issues that need to be discussed in this organization.
> I suggest that Kevin's note is actually a cry of frustration
> about the other issues and this was the closest target. AMSAT-NA
> is broke.  It has no major moneymaker.  We can fold our tent
> or we can muddle through this tough period while the BOD and
> officers engage real help to try and put together a game plan.
> (This is happening).  I voted with my check book to back to
> organization while it is struggling.  I hope you will too.
> Bob
> N4HY
Hello Bob,
  Thanks for the comments, but I never said that 110k was excessive, although 
not being in the the launch business I have no real idea... the 110k for 
launch is quite explicit, what are the other costs for the sat itself? are we 
in the hole or ahead fo the game?

   You are correct I am frustrated at the lack of communication inside the 
organization, I realize that there are things that are private and should 
remain so...
The financial health of the organization is not one of those...

I'm glad the BOD  is working on something, I just hope they will not be too 

When I see some real numbers, the checkbook will come out...

Kevin WA6FWF

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