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Hello all:

I found Robin's letter to be quite explicit.  If anyone thinks
$110,000 is excessive for the cost of a ride to space, including
the cost of the support team at the launch site (etc.) I suggest
that you investigate the cost of prior launches in real costs:
cost of the launch plus ground crew.  I would hazard to guess
that this is about the cheapest launch AMSAT-NA has ever had
for one of its own spacecraft.

There are real issues that need to be discussed in this organization.
I suggest that Kevin's note is actually a cry of frustration
about the other issues and this was the closest target. AMSAT-NA
is broke.  It has no major moneymaker.  We can fold our tent
or we can muddle through this tough period while the BOD and
officers engage real help to try and put together a game plan.
(This is happening).  I voted with my check book to back to
organization while it is struggling.  I hope you will too.


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Hello BOD and All,
    got my letter in the mail asking for money for ECHO, pretty weak tea....

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